Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Local Supermarket

I decided to give a bit more details of what is available here in Isla before we leave. 

There are two Express stores on the Island. They are smaller supermarkets that have mostly the essentials. Then there is the large supermarket, Chedraui. 

Chedraui was founded in 1927 in XalapaVeracruz by Lázaro Chedraui Chaya and his wife.[3] In 1971 it opened the first supermarket in XalapaVeracruz. In 2005 it bought 29 supermarkets from Carrefour in Central and Southern Mexico.[4] Chedraui's primary competition includes large grocers and hypermarkets such as SorianaWal-Mart and Comercial Mexicana.

According to Hoover's, it is "Mexico's third-largest retailer (after Walmart and Soriana), the supermarket giant sells groceries, apparel, and non-perishable items in more than 212 stores, being 136 Tienda Chedraui, 40 Súper Chedraui, 2 warehouse Chedraui and 5 Selecto Chedraui.

The store on the island had some electronics and clothes. Mostly it has groceries and cleaning supplies. Here are a few pictures. Some I stole and some I took. 

As you can see you can make do very well with stores like this. There are only a few things I normally buy that I couldn't find here. One is canned diced or stewed tomatoes and the other was pickles. Couldn't find one jar of pickles. I suppose they make their own. They probably don't use canned tomatoes either since they have fresh ones available all year long. 

Next, Ill post some photos of the restaurants we enjoyed on the island that I haven't mentioned in prior posts. 

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