Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some of our favorite places to eat on Isla

Ok so before we shove off I tried to get a couple of shots of the places we enjoyed eating at the most. We liked these places because of the food and the price, oh as well as the atmosphere. 

We spent lots of time in Centro (downtown) so most of the places are there. Steve' favorite is the little places in the parking lot of the Marcado. We usually picked the first one probably because it was the first and it looked busier but we have tried two others and they were just as good. 

Another favorite downtown is Natural. It is next to where we took our laundry. It was fairly cheap and good fresh produce. 

Another favorite place was on the water near the fuel dock that is in the Lagoon. Its a cute Cuban place. Food was always good and the Cuban sandwich was big enough to share with a side of sweet potatoes. 

There was also the Blue Marlin in Centro that we enjoyed. There sandwiches were excellent and big enough to share. Sorry forgot to get a picture of that place. It was south of the square. 

There is also a fruit ice cream place on the corner in the square that we enjoyed. The fruit bars were very yummy during the walk home. 

There so many places we enjoyed some closer to state prices and others a great deal. Lots of torta and taco stands that we would try here and there. 

We enjoyed the banana split at Punta Sur and the ceviche at Maria Kan Kin. Maria' has a great little private beach. 

Picus has great ceviche as well if you are in Centro. Oh, and we had good Curry at a place on the beach at north east point of the island called the Finex, I believe. 

Rueben in Centro is pretty good as well and it has a great sauce they serve on the table. Bahia Tortuga has a great Philly sandwich as well as fried fish and shrimp.  Soggy Peso has smoked ribs that are unforgettable. Mangos has unique delicious breakfast and coffee. Never did go back to try their lunch.  Im sure it was just as good. 

The Island is filled with great food. I dont believe we had one bad experience. Its all on individual preference. 

Im looking forward to the next stops places. 

Oh sorry forgot about Oscar'. They have terrific Itailian food. In fact we will eat there tonight and bring back their lasagna for the trip down to Belize. 

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