Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Well we are spending Christmas in Paradise. 

Tonight, Im making fudge and trying to update everyone. 

Tonorrow, we will spend Christmas with forty other cruisers for a potluck lunch. We have only met about half. The other half have recently arrived. Im bringing two veggies and fudge. 

We have had some friends from Houston here. We took them snorkeling and sailing. Here are a few pictures

We are so thankful to Todd and Tammy. They brought us a few things AND took back and shipped our mail for us. Yeah Kids will have Christmas presents. Thank you so much. 

We also played tour guide to another cruising couple. We have enjoyed every minute with Firefly' crew. 

We hope to continue to run into them along our travels. 

Our plans are to leave in a few weeks for Belize. Next week we will take a day trip to Cancun to oick up a few things then wait for a weather window. This trip will only be a few days so no stressing. Remember, if we go missing, just leave us. 

This is a map of our plan. 

Better get back to the fudge. Say a small prayer for it. 😊

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Friends come to visit

Life has been pretty routine. We wake up with the sun, drink our juice and coffee then think about what we need to get from a store or project to do on the boat. We have worked hard at eating on the boat so there is always something we need. 

A couple from our old Marina in Texas flew in yesterday. So we visited with them and showed them around a little and took them snorkeling today. The water was a little cloudy but saw some great schools of fish. I tried taking pictures but didn't have any luck. Maybe next time. 

The plan is to take our friends sailing on Tuesday. Hopefully we have good weather and no one takes our spot. Lots of new boats. 

This is the only descent picture I got today

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Another week bumming it in Isla

So this week we have worked hard at finding other things to do besides eat out. So far we have stuck to our goal of keeping it to twice a week. Yeah for us!  

We had another fabulous snorkle trip. I didnt get any video this time. Sorry. The fish are just amazing. I could stay down there forever. 

Lets see what else... Oh I took a trip to get laundry and a few items from the express on a day with high chances of rain. I probably should of waited to go but I was looking forward to some alone time. I got caught in some real pour downs but luckily I was able to hide out in some coffee shops. The first one is where I found a book I must go back for, "The Old Gringo". I enjoyed to sitting in the little shack, lost in the story of an elder American going into Mexico by horse to die, while the rain was pounding on the wooden roof. Awesome atmosphere. 

I know I worried Steve because I was gone so long but I truely loved having that time to myself. Especially in those conditions. 

We have continued to explore the the town(s). Im attempting to get some sort of handle on the different communties. Central (Downtown) is the shopping and hotel area. Yet some locals live there. Some of them run shops outside their home. Like the bike shop, which is within a strip of shops. There is only a narrow garage with their house (apartment) attached. I wonder how many "locals" are actually from Isla. In any case that is what Im doing. Steve humors me and has been working on the bike a friend loaned him. 

Yesterday, we went to spend a few hours with the landlubbers from Canada. It was their last afternoon here. They took us to the part of the beach they have been enjoying. We ventured over to the exclussive Mia hotel. We were questioned at the bridge if we were coming for the restaurant. We of course said "Yes" and was allowed on the property. The Mia Hotel it at the tip of Playa Norte beach. It continues to be a victim to hurricanes, yet still remains beautiful. Here are a few photos 

Couldn't resist with that last one. Lol so cute. We hope to see them next year possibly in Panama. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

November' spending revealed

Well we went over our budget this month. One of the reasons we are cutting out the socializing with the other cruisers. It all about eating.  Thats one American habit/tradition I want to stop doing. I love to chat over tea or coffee but I want to get away from the drinking and FOOD!  I want to yell "Stop Feeding the Animals". Lol. Look at me! I dont need any more. Hahah. 

So hopefully next month will show much less spending. We are having some reef points put into the JIB so that will show under boat stuff next month but it wont be very much. We had our awning restitch and it was only $60. 

Oh we do have some friends coming in a few weeks but They had this vacation scheduled before knowing we would be here. Im sure they wont need company all of the time. 

Well here it is 

Hopefully We will do better this month