Monday, December 1, 2014

November' spending revealed

Well we went over our budget this month. One of the reasons we are cutting out the socializing with the other cruisers. It all about eating.  Thats one American habit/tradition I want to stop doing. I love to chat over tea or coffee but I want to get away from the drinking and FOOD!  I want to yell "Stop Feeding the Animals". Lol. Look at me! I dont need any more. Hahah. 

So hopefully next month will show much less spending. We are having some reef points put into the JIB so that will show under boat stuff next month but it wont be very much. We had our awning restitch and it was only $60. 

Oh we do have some friends coming in a few weeks but They had this vacation scheduled before knowing we would be here. Im sure they wont need company all of the time. 

Well here it is 

Hopefully We will do better this month 

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  1. Agreed. Food and alcohol consumption (although pleasant in a group setting) can lead to one's financial and personal health ruin if not careful. It is a constant battle.