Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Well we are spending Christmas in Paradise. 

Tonight, Im making fudge and trying to update everyone. 

Tonorrow, we will spend Christmas with forty other cruisers for a potluck lunch. We have only met about half. The other half have recently arrived. Im bringing two veggies and fudge. 

We have had some friends from Houston here. We took them snorkeling and sailing. Here are a few pictures

We are so thankful to Todd and Tammy. They brought us a few things AND took back and shipped our mail for us. Yeah Kids will have Christmas presents. Thank you so much. 

We also played tour guide to another cruising couple. We have enjoyed every minute with Firefly' crew. 

We hope to continue to run into them along our travels. 

Our plans are to leave in a few weeks for Belize. Next week we will take a day trip to Cancun to oick up a few things then wait for a weather window. This trip will only be a few days so no stressing. Remember, if we go missing, just leave us. 

This is a map of our plan. 

Better get back to the fudge. Say a small prayer for it. 😊


  1. Merry Christmas! Mmm, fudge sounds so good....I'm gonna pray it comes my way! =}

  2. Merry Christmas, we are thinking of y'all in this beautiful cold day,haha.