Monday, August 11, 2014

What Happen to Sunday Blog Days?

What happened to my Sunday Blog Day!?  I am running out of things to tell you because we are still in the waiting mode. The things that remain on our todo list  are there mostly because they are things to do right before we leave. 

Steve is still in the process of refitting the boom gallo. Its with the welder. The fabric for the new Bimini has been ordered.  

There is a farewell party date set to send off our Neighbors who are headed to the East side of the Caribbean and ourselves, whom of course always go the opposite way of most, is headed to the west side of the Caribbean. We hope to see everyone there. 

Saturday, September 6th @ the Waterford's Pavilion around 7pm (potluck style). 

The subject came up with friends the other day about how will they know when we leave and when we have arrived safely. We are giving up our phones in October and we are not taking one of those Spot devices. But we do have an AIS device that you can track us on. Here is the website for that and you will have to search for our boat Saga Sea. You will be able to see where we were when we last turned it on.

Of course we have a key person dedicated to be our person to call if we pull our emergency device. She will call our family. My daughter will have a copy of my address book and my passwords to the Blog and my Facebook to notify people of any event. I believe I have covered all the bases in case something goes terribly wrong. I think I am more prepared than most people and we all risk our lives daily getting on the road. 

I believe we have decided to wait for the northern front anchored in Galveston. That will give us sometime to get adjusted to living at anchor and traveling by dinghy.   That should be interesting. 

The only pictures I have to post this time are from my last White Linen night in the Heights. 


  1. Nice post...and pics. Are you two getting a new Bimini?

  2. I know nothing about what you wrote. Please just make sure that your daughter has the contact information for your Alabama cousins. I love reading your blog. Take care. Love, Jan