Sunday, July 27, 2014

So how are things?

Things seem to be right on schedule. This worries me a little. Im the kind of person who tries to prepare myself for the worst. Im not sure if it is my way of protecting myself or some sort of controlling thing. In any case thats how I operate. So I was just trying to foresee what could go wrong in the next few months.  Im sure a ton of things, do I really want to know? Does any of us?

I just returned from a trip to Lake Jackson, where I attended a wedding shower. One of my close friend' middle child is marrying a boy that is enlisted in the Marine Corp and she is at the tender age of nineteen. Oh memories. ...

I once married a Marine at the age of eighteen. I actually loved military life and being a wife and mother.  I look back at those years and then the years when I lived in Lake Jackson and it amazes me of how life circumstances change and we never really planned for any of it. 

I believe this life change that Steve and I are about to embark on is the first time in my life that something that I planned and worked for many years is coming to be. Thats scary but not scary enough to make me shy away, not yet at least. 

I gave the couple a tool kit and some travel memory things. I wrapped them in a box that I made to look like an old suitcase. I am trying hard to promote traveling and seeing the world. 

Im sure everyone wants to know what Steve has been up to. Well he has been working on changing the dimensions and location of the boom gallo. The new dinghy' measurements have made him move the gallo.  Move it or get rid of it. I requested it to be moved. He is moving it to aft of the cockpit. So far it looking good and should be all completed in a few weeks. 

I finished up the work I was doing for UTMB. I was being a standardized patient for the medical students during an exam. It was pretty interesting but a bit too suppressing for me. The student had fifteen minutes to interview and exam me, then determine my condition and what they wanted to do about it. So no time to play around. I had to keep to the script and no smart comments that would waste their time. All that would be fine for a few times but eight students a day was too much for me. It was too much for me to keep my mouth shut for that long in a confining doctor' office.  Im glad its over, back to being a Boat Diva. 

Two months and one week left for departure month. Exciting Times 


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