Monday, July 14, 2014

Freeport Shake Down

Well we are currently anchored outside the Galveston Yacht Basin. We left Thursday afternoon and headed here to begin our shake down trip. 

Wind was on our nose of course so we motored all the way. Steve wanted to set anchor before dark so we needed to be quick. That night was good. Set anchor and made some pasta. Bugs were a bit of an issue but it was my fault because I didnt put the screens on. 

Friday morning we set off for Freeport. Got out of the jetties and found the gulf to be calm with little wind. So we turned on the castiron gennie as our friend, Johnny, calls it and motored sailled all te way. All this motoring makes was really look forward to the day we wont be on a schedule. 

Made it to Freeport before dark. We stayed at the city marina there. It is located up a passage that I heard the tug boats calling "The Wiggles".  I could certainly see why, very wiggly and the shoulders are shallow so you have to be careful. 

We were greated by a few locals that helped us dock. Asked us where we are going and chatted a bit then offeredus a ride if we needed to get anything. That is what I love about the sailing community. Most are very welcoming and generous. 

We walked over to see an old friend that as his boat there, Montana Jack. It was good seeing him. Wish we could stay longer to visit but we started to get attacked by the huge mosquitos Freeport makes. Lol.  Had to rush back and close up everything. They were attacking me with a passion. I think they even started to go for my eyes. Since we had shore power we closed everything up and turned on the AC. Not sure if we would of enjoye that place without it. 

Saturday, my daughter' friend, Tiffany, came out to go sailing. She grew up sailing with us on our old boat and absolutley loves it. I was afraid we wouldn't have wind for her but it turned out to be a gorgeous day for sailing. We ended the perfect day with dinner at On The River, a place I worked for years with Tiffany and her partents. They were kind enough to drive us. On The River is only place I have ever been fired from. Lol  All because I was the source of scaring the cook with a fake snack. I didnt actually do it but I did provide the snake. Lol always a good story to tell. 

Sunday, we fueled up and headed back to Galveston. Once again, No wind so we motored. I found a nice shaded spot on the side of the dinghy on the cabin top and dreamed of my future traveling. 

Hopefully we will be able to sail back. Usually we can just might take a while. Ill give you the update next Sunday. 

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