Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sitting on the dock

Sitting at the dock in the cockpit trying to pick out this past weeks high points that might be interesting to others. This blogging is not a very easy task ever week. This past week was a three day weekend for Steve. I had a longer work week, all two half days.  Haha. Life is tough for this Boat Diva, some times. 

Lets see, Steve played with the new Honda 2000 generator. Its a little beast. A friend gave us some great information. He said with a Domestic Smart Starter we should be able to run our air conditioner if needed. That is Amazing!  So one more purchase but that is not a big deal, its not a full bost unit. 

On another note, Fairlane seems to be doing much better. She has been wanting to play more. We think we might find her a little sister when we get to Mexico. It will have to be a young dolcile little baby like her. Being on a boat they need to be small. Also I will need to train her to potty on the foredeck so the younger the better. We shall see 

Oh Steve just gave me another subject, the pump out station. We were having issues with finding the pump out station working when we were available to take the boat over. We went twice and we couldnt seem to get the thing to work. I was getting very upset about it since it is the only place available and it is against the law to dump out into the water. Finally I twisted Steve' arm to go when the maintenance workers were on duty and they were able to show us a few tricks to getting the stupid thing working. I really wish those tricks were posted. 

In any case we got it taken care of and te trick is to have the hose completely straighten out, turn it on and put the end into the water and let it start sucking up the water. Once you see that happen its ready to go. So there is all I know for all the others in the Kemah area needing to pump out.  

We are looking forward to next week' trip to Freeport, Texas. It will be another short trip to see what we can break and what needs to be changed or adjusted. Got to shake her out some more. We only have two months and four weeks left. Exciting! 

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