Monday, August 18, 2014

Lists After Lists

Not a lot to blog about this week. Going down the list of to dos. We both have gotten our yellow fever and tetanus vaccinations. The JIB sails are at the seamstress to have a foot rope put on them. The Boom Gallo is still at the welders. Address changes are in process of being done. Notice to Marina has been given. I copied my address book for my daughter to keep. I made sure everyone had each others contact information. Provision lists have been made and prices out.  Lists after lists are being made 

Two more weeks of the television and then its coming down. Thats been a big discussion around here. We decided to just go without a TV. It takes up space and I would really like to stop that habit along with the phones. We will be able to find internet where we go and that will be enough to correspond with family and friends and we can catch up on the news. We have two laptops  and  an ipad. That should be plenty.   I really want to get rid of my phone and television addictions.  Im actually looking forward to sending handwritten letters and post cards.  I also want to get out and explore the new places we go. 


  1. If we want to send you a letter or note in snail mail, how do we do that once you are living on the boat?
    Love, Jan Lisenby

  2. Wow, it's getting down to the wire! Sure will miss you when you're gone! We'll probably meet up with you somewhere along the way, tho.