Sunday, April 20, 2014

Star struck

For years now, my celebrities have been people that are travelers who are pushing the envelope. People who dont conform to society; yet, share their lives and thoughts with the world. 

This weekend we had the honor of meeting a couple we have followed for nearly eleven years. We have enjoyed watching them circumnavigate the world on a catamaran, then they traveled in a vintage VW Bus, had few kids while living on a monohull, now traveling the world in a vintage RV.

We not only meet them but we hosted a meet and greet BBQ for them. It was amazing! We loved seeing the followers that came to meet them. We loved seeing how all of us basic strangers were greeted by them as if we were old friends. They have opened  themselves and lives to the world for nothing. They receive no monetary gain from doing this.  Writing on a blog is one thing but to also be open to getting to know the readers is on another. 

We were a little nervous to meet them in person. We realized that they may not be what we have made them to be in our minds, like characters in a book.  But they were just as we thought they would be and It even seemed they were able to take my sense of humor, thank goodness. Hopefully, I didnt offend them too much, I mean everything in fun. 

I hope they realize how doing what they are truely inspires others. I hope they take credit for the growth in younger family cruisers/travelers. I believe they have greatly impacted my generation. Kiddos to you Bumfuzzles. 

We want to thank them and their followers that share yesterday with us. We enjoyed every bit of it. 

Happy Life Adventures to All 

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