Saturday, May 10, 2014

Departure time is getting closer

Just got back from visiting my best friend in Spokane, Washington. Her and I go way back and we have worked very hard to see each other each year. This year was my turn to go there and it was a high priority to me to do before we leave. 

Fairlane and I had a good time. I did some yard work and flocked a few yards with flamingos for her son who was raising money for a competition. 

We had a lovely night at a wine, ride and dine event downtown Spokane. 

Had a cool night listening to Kurt and his fellow bagpipers play to raise money. The only downfall that night was they would never look under the kilts. Boo 

Having good friends takes hard work but it well worth it. I hope we never stop being close and I hope we always figure out how to see each other. I have a feeling times will only get better. 

Now its time to do some shake down cruises. Yeah

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