Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Fever

Im having a case of Spring Fever, not to clean but to leave. Two neighbors are leaving for Florida and it just makes me want to untie the lines and take off. Im itching for some new waters. I have to keep telling myself to just wait, good things come to those who wait, right?  

In any case, Fairlane needs more time to heal, Steve needs more time to finish things on our list and we could always use the financial cushion waiting will provide. We decide to add back a wind generator onto the list. So thats needs to arrive and be installed. Steve is also working out where to get the 250ft of chain for the new Rocna anchor. Then the outboard and Honda generator. 

In July, I get to go play patient at UTMB, at least I hope. I get to see how well I can act. Hopefully, im not too terrible because Im really looking forward to the challenge. 

We need to scheule some long weekends for some shakedown cruises. We want to see what breaks and see what might need improving or changed. So hopefully we can break away and make time for that. 

My son and his wife should be coming home to stay sometime this summer, at least we hope. Im glad Ill still be around for that. These next five months are needed to complete things the right way and to take advantage of precious time with family and friends. I need to remember that we are planning to stay gone, unlike the neighbors leaving now. 


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