Sunday, June 21, 2020

Introducing Saga Streets

Since we can't see the foreseeable future we decided to add another member to our family so we can enjoy road adventures when on land.  Many cruisers pick up RVing after boat life but we aren't ready for that yet.

I (Tracie) love road trips. I grew up camping in the dessert, rivers, lakes and beach, but Steve isn't keen on sleeping in tents and we can't afford an expensive camper. Steve came up with a genius idea. We needed a daily driver so if we could get something that we can afford outright, easy and cheap maintenance, and he can sleep in it then we would be set. We feel a Toyota 4runner covers all of those things.

We found a very clean 2004 4Runner for 6k. We are adding a bike rack, putting seat covers on her, adding a top luggage rack, pulling out back seats, building a platform that adds extra storage and a sun awning. A few chairs, a weber grill and a cooler will make it very comfortable camping. She will give us the ability to take long road trips comfortablely and have weekend getaways.

We have already used her to take Steve's bike and my scooter to some trails across town.  We are very much in love with her. 

Hopefully, next April Steve will be able to go and bring our boat, Saga Sea, back to Texas and we can enjoy weekends on her as well. We have some wood work we want done on her before he brings her back.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Corona 19 (COVID-19) in Houston Texas Downtown 2020

I know it's been a long time since I've written and that is because not a lot has been going on. We have been living the city life in downtown Houston Texas. Steve walks to work through the downtown's tunnels and is able to come home for lunch everyday. I have been dog sitting and walking Schooner three times a day. We have been enjoying our location with its mix of high rise buildings and lovely manicured parks and bayou trails.

It has been a long wait getting to see the Lipid Specialist I've come to see to try the newest medicine treatment on the market to treat my HoFH. My appointment come during Covid-19 but luckily I was able to chat with the doctor over the phone and we started to jump the insurance hoops that are necessary for me to be able to try the medication. 

I decided to write this post to mark this Covid-19 time period for us. At the moment it's difficult to foresee that this is a historical time period that we are living through but the fact remains that we really are going through something that will forever be in the history books.

At the moment the president of the USA has released the states to open back up when they have reached several  criteria that are layout in a three phase plan. Once States reach certain benchmarks with infected humans then they can begin the phases. As the numbers of infected people go down more and more liberties can be restored. 

This has been a difficult time for leaders because no matter what your independent opinion is on what this Corona virus really is you don't want to be to risk the mass' lives.  No one wants to be proven wrong.  I'm personally glad I don't have to make those decisions.

People ask us if we wish we were on our boat right now because personal distance is key. Our answer is NO, we feel very lucky that we are where we are at the moment. Our boat friends that were out enjoying the cruising season are currently stuck where they were when this hit. Restriction are more extreme in those countries then here. For example, they are only allowed to go to the stores on certain days and time and they all have to wear masks, in some countries no alcohol is sold, and they all must stay put, no sailing around and changing anchorages.  So we have more liberties here where we are.

Here in Htown, we can go to the store any day of the week, we can have restaurant food to be delivered, I can walk Schooner as usual, I can stop and get a coffee.. what we can do is sit and chat with large groups over 6, we have to stay 6ft away from each other except for partners, we have to stay 6ft from each other in retail stores and on sidewalks. The parks won't let people congregate in large groups. It's all about "Social Distance". I don't mind that at all.

We live in the Rice Apt building downtownliving Htown. It's a great old building that was originally a Hotel and was built in 1913. It has this lovely cover over the front of the whole building. There are several restaurants, a coffee shop and bar in the bottom floor of our building. With this Covid-19 going on many of the businesses are closed in all of downtown and our building. The homeless that reside downtown have been moved off except for the hard core drug addicts. They really enjoy our buildings overhang that protects from the elements but make our life not so pleasant. They have been hanging out in front of the closed businesses day and night. They have making such a mess and stinking up the area with going to the bathroom and leaving their food and trash. Safety has become an issue because they are becoming more desperate with few people working downtown and their drug use has become more obvious.

With the homeless I have been changing up my walking route to avoid them problem ones as much as possible. It has become a game and a bit of entertainment for us to strategize our walks, especially on the weekends. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

It's Work Time Again

Sorry, it's been so long since I've updated this blog. I hope this finds you all well

A lot has happened since my last post. We went back to the Rio Dulce in Guatemala a little early so we could house sit for friends again. We then stored Saga Sea at Tijax marina and headed back to Texas by plane.

We came back to Texas for several reasons.  More money is always needed and I, Tracie, am going to try a new drug for medical issues I have.  Oh, and family time is needed.

Steve, got work right away in Downtown Houston, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and live downtown for the first time.

We moved into a studio apt in one of the historic buildings, Rice. So far, we love it. Schooner and I walk three times a day, and Steve walks home from work at lunchtime.

There seems to be a lot of free entertainment down here at all times.  We are meeting lots of people and making new friends.  Life is Good.

Im still working online and I've been getting back into pet sitting.  Schooner remains at my side in all things.

We are not sure how long we will be here this time or what we will do when we leave.  We will re-evaluate things in a year. We like to stay flexible and try to enjoy our lives in all situations.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

More of our time in the Bay Islands

I should make myself do this more often.  Time seems to be slipping away so fast — these pictures of our time in Fantasy Island Marina on Roatan.  We enjoyed our month there even though it was to replace our battery bank.  With a boat, it is always something - they are high maintenance

There are so many things we enjoy about the Bay Islands but with my gypsy tendencies, Im not sure we can ever settle forever. 

I, Tracie, has lived the longest ever on Saga Sea than in any house.  Isn't that crazy.  I suppose it is because it moves. 

Well, enjoy the pictures. They are pretty incredible.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Spending Christmas in Roatan Honduras 2018

I'm so sorry I've fallen behind on our blog.  With Facebook being as popular as it is now I suppose it is my first thing to update.  Faster and easier.

We did spend Christmas 2018 in Roatan at Fantasy Island Marina because we were changing out our battery bank.  

Roatan can be a very social island.  We joined some land expats to the grand opening of Roatan's newest brewery.

The great thing about staying at Fantasy Island marina is the beach access.  We appreciate the ease of just stepping off the boat and walking a very short distance to a fabulous beach with plenty of chairs and shade. 

Since a good friend of ours is the harbor master at Fantasy Island, I was recruited to organize the holiday meal. I decided to try my hand at roasting a pork leg using a local recipe. I have to pat myself on the back for a well-done job.  The grill I had to use was hanging on by isn't own the last leg, so I was a bit concerned.

Overall we had a great visit with new and old cruising friends.  We all enjoyed the fabulous weather and array of food.