Tuesday, December 5, 2017

House Sitting? What is that?

Why are we choosing to become House Sitters?  While being back to the States to fill our cruising account, I fell into sitting for a couple of friends who needed to leave their fur babies for work and vacations. It really worked out since we were staying with family and a break was more than appreciated. Then it opened doors to sit for new friends. Steve and I enjoyed being in different places here and there. It was much like cruising since we change locations often.

While we have been away from our boat, I've been thinking of ways to travel to places outside the Caribbean without sailing.  I'm more of a Gypsy than a sailor.  Plus we always have to wait out hurricane season in a safe place. So I began dreaming of road trips and flying to visit friends we have met along our travels. Then I recalled a couple we met along our travels that were hanging up their sailing legs for house sitting in countries such as Australia and Asia.

My research began on house sitting abroad. It may be a realistic way we can travel during hurricane season on a shoestring budget. It wasn't difficult to find several Facebook groups and websites. Within those groups, I found several people that have house sat abroad for years and were sharing their experiences and advice.  Also found websites that host people looking for house sitters and house sitters looking for houses to sit for in particular locations. Much like the community of Cruisers, there is a whole community of house sitters.

We decided to join Trusted House Sitters because it seemed to have the best support and a large amount of available sits in the areas we are going to this summer.  We have been pouring through all the information we can find.  These videos have a ton of great information on becoming a house sitter House Sitting Basics YouTube Channel.

We also joined House Sitting Academy which has even more information.  These ladies have become experts in the industry.  They have a ton of resources and advice.  

This house sitting seems to be a viable option for us to add to our nomadic lifestyle.  We seem to be happiest when traveling.  Our home is wherever we are together.  We don't need the whole house and yard, we need variety in our lives.

We plan to book a few HS jobs in Ireland,  England and perhaps Scotland this next summer.  We will do some sightseeing and visit some friends. Saga Sea will stay safe and sound in her summer marina in the Rio Dulce.  Tijax Marina takes such good care of her while we are away.  

For now, we want to cruise around the Western Caribbean during sailing season, then go House Sit somewhere during hurricane season. Next, I will try to explain how we plan to fund this lifestyle.  

So until next time my friends.... Be good to yourself and to Others

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  1. House sitting sounds like a great way to travel and really get to know a place locally. I can't remember if you follow Liesbet at Roaming About? She also housesits and petsits.