Tuesday, November 28, 2017

30 more days

Today is a good day, we have 30 more days before we will be home.  We took Schooner in for her yearly vet apt which is needed for the Health Certificate that she needs to fly back home.  She took all her shots and microchip like a champion...

We have been finishing off the little things.  We even drug our suitcases into our room to start adding things to them.  It really helps our mood.

Other than that, Steve has been working and I did a few house sits and took a small roadtrip with a friend that needed company.

We had Thanksgiving with Steve's family and I got to see my daughter and her little tribe for a bit.  I've been signing us up on the Trusted House Sitters site.  I made a nice little profile for potential clients.  I have also been learning a few programs to keep up with the latest, such as: canva, zoom, and mailchimp.

Hopefully, all will fall into place and we will find a few House Sitting gigs this next summer in Ireland and England.  Let me rephrase that, a few Awesome gigs.. haha. 

Well until next time my friend, be good to yourselves and OTHERS.. Smooches xoxo


  1. How exciting - only 30 more day! I've been playing around with Canva lately too. It's quite a neat little program and fairly easy to use.

    1. yes it is fun.... my mind is on overload thinking of other things to create.