Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Harvey the Stocker

Wow a lot has happened around here lately… Harvey was searching for me but I was able to dodge him.  We happen to have set plans to visit friends in a small town called Kerrville, Texas.. it was just north of where Harvey was predicted to come ashore.  We took the chance that our prediction of Kerrville being too north of where he would land and it paid off.. we left a day earlier and was able to get there fine and when Harvey did come ashore only experience some rain and a little wind..  

I've been warned about being so public may invite stocker and he sure was a problem… he sat on Houston a few days and really caused a lot of devastation for people.  Everyone in both our families are fine.  My son did have to evacuated but he finally was able to come home to a dry house.  Their only issue is the sewage is out in the whole area.  

While visiting our friends in Kerrville we toured the WWII museum in Fredericksburg.  Boy was that a lot of information, Steve was in heaven and it sure was nice to get out and about.  Schooner also enjoyed being right across a river while staying with our friends.

Other than that nothing else has been going on.. that was plenty.. had to wait for roads to drain off and stores to fill back up and now we have a fuel shortage.. fun fun fun but we feel very blessed because there are much worse things going on in the world for many people… including here.. we were very fortunate.   

We now have less than 4 months to go until we get to sleep in our own bed.. this month just marked a year we have been back in the states.. for us it seems forever .. for our family and friends it doesn't seem that long.  

We are gathering things to drive down to Florida in October to put on a cargo ship to be delivered in Guatemala.  Hopefully this next storm does not intrude with those plans or any other storm this year.

I have a feeling this month is going to be the hardest because we will watch cruising friends return to the Rio to begin annual upkeep on their boats and head off to do another season.  It will sadden us to watch and we will feel that urge to join them.. like migrating birds.. 🙁  We will have to remind ourselves that we are doing the right thing and it will be worth it in the end.  

Well I suppose that is all for now.. we have our friends in the Eastern side in our prayers with this new storm out there.. may you all weather safely.  

Smooches 😊

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