Sunday, August 6, 2017

Making the Best of Idle Time

I know this will sound terrible but I would rather watch pets than children except when it comes to my little pirate, Warren.  Recently, I got the opportunity to watch him for two weeks while his normal sitter was taking a summer break with her own family.

He is now 6 months old so he is growing and learning so quickly. It was a pleasure to get to witness it in person. He is such a good little boy. My son is lucky to have it so easy, hehehe😊

After those two weeks I took off with a friend to New Orleans for a few days. Just taking in the sights. We enjoyed a carriage tour of the French Quarters, then a walking tour of the Garden District.  While there I enjoyed talking to the many tourists. One night I met three ladies on a two week baseball tour around the states.  Loved that, women traveling with complete strangers enjoying their favorite pastime sport. 

Now I am back and currently watching three pups for a few days. We have two pet sits this month. Pet sitting has turned out to be something we both enjoy and we are meeting some awesome families. I'm really looking forward to doing this abroad.

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