Thursday, January 21, 2016

We Flew and I threw, up that is.

Made it to Providencia Colombia. Left Sunday morning and arrived Wednesday morning. We have never seen Saga Sea move so fast. Maybe from all the work being completely made her feel like a Filly running free at last.  She felt great, I didn't. This was a two bucket trip for me. Not fun!  Steve was a single handed pro. I was better by the third day. Guess it was just getting around that corner. 

In any case we are here in Beautiful Providencia Colombia. We might not leave... Im not too eager to do any sailing anytime soon for sure. 

Schooner giving me I love you eyes in the cockpit on the third day. It was less of a wet day 

My peeps that got me back online

Schooner chilling while daddy puts the boat back together 

Walking sidewalk. Thank you Colombia 

Our anchorage this afternoon 

Brisge over to Catalina Island where we left the dinghy so I could walk some. I miss walking on sidewalks 

Tourists wanting a pic with Schooner 

Locals getting their fade on. Hahaha. Oh I swear the port captain looks like Ice cube. Ill post a picture if he will let me take one. 


  1. Glad you made it safely, but sorry you got sick! :/ Did you know you got seasick before leaving Kemah?

    1. Oh yes, see what I put myself through for Steve! Lol. I have drugs but this time they really didnt work. We were going east with a good northern up to probably 20-25 knts and we stayed at 8 knts for at least a day. Steve says we had a squal that gave us prob guts at least 30 knts and one wave was at least 15 ft but of course he is from Texas. Hahaha. I didnt see anything but I was down below being sick

  2. Ugh, sorry about the sea sickness. I've only had the throwing up issues once, but we've barely been out. I hate that part, but I look forward to exploring more. I shall keep following your adventures :)