Saturday, January 16, 2016

Heading to Providencia Colombia

Well we are packing up and preparing to leave in the morning for Colombia, well for two Islands owed by Colombia, Isla Providencia and Isla San Andres. They are actually closer  to Honduras and Nicaragua and only about 280 nm from the Panama Canal. 

This trip will probably take around five or more days. We plan to stay over night in Cayo Vivorillo, just to rest midway. 

So that is the plan, stan. We really are not completely sure what we will do after this place. We first planned to head to Panama but after experiencing summer in the Rio Dulce I think I will pass. Plus, we hear the fees have risen greatly and there is so much confusion on what is being charged. Another reason is our savings is running down pretty quickly. So this means we may have to be work chumps for a bit to fill our cruising kitty back up and being closer to the States makes more sense.  So we shall see. Let's face it, we know we are too young to think we can do this forever but we will be very happy to get a couple of years of freedom at this age than none at all. That is why we agree with the saying "Go Small, Go Now"!

We always enjoy our time in Guanaja. The people are great and it is beautiful 

Steve's mother celebrated her 84 birthday this year. I sent her some books, she calls homework. I want to suck all her wisdom out before she leaves us. Hahah. I know I sound terrible but It is said with love.  Happy Birthday Jean. We love and miss you. 

She is my June Cleaver

Here are some photos of our dear friends coming over to say hello. This is Rosalinda and Shana. They own a restaurant on the Cay called Rosalinda's over on Vietnam street. It is a must try place. Best friend chicken and I hear their liver and onions are great as well. Honestly, I havent had a bad meal there ever. And they are the sweetest people. They just need a sign outside and there needs to be a map made of all the retail places in the area and given out atthe  Immigration office.   There is my request! 

Dont you love how they travel. Hahah 

Shana and her babies 

Ok im finally putting the last row on my crochet throw blanket. It has taken me forever to complete because it is made with a 1.5 needle and small thread.  I take long breaks to keep my hand from cramping.  Now I will have to finish Steve's. 

Here is a shot at my herbs Im growing in plastic soda bottles. I tried starting my seeds in an egg carton but it didnt work well so I just put them in the containers they will stay in, so far so good. That is a mint plant I bought but almost killed because I left it hanging during strong winds. It looks to be coming back. The seeds are basil in one and rosemary in the other. We will see how it goes. 

Schooner wanting to take her morning nap with her dog treats. Got to include the cute baby picture. 

Well guess I will let you all know how the trip goes in a week or so. Take care of yourselves and love one another 


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