Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year, time to find out how much we Spent

Wow what a year!  Nothing like doing the financial books to remind one of all that has happened through the past year.

Lots have happened for sure. The final bit to Saga Sea's refit was completed. A trip back to the states and a bottom job that was a bit more of a job than expected. Oh and of course Schooner!

So here it is. This is our spending for the year. As you can see we did NOT make our goal of a grand a month. LOL. But think of what I would have spent if I was shooting for two grand a month. Hahaha yes I am one of those people that likes the clock ahead a little to help me be on time.

2015 Spending Report

January: Isla Mujeres, Mexico/San Pedro, Belize
Check In/Out:       182.50
Food:                    910.55
Misc:                     164.00
Fuel:                     182.00
Boat:                       51.00
Monthly Balance: 1,490.05

February: San Pedro, Belize/Guanaja, Honduras
Check In/Out:           110.00
Food:                        707.30
Misc:                         116.50
Fuel:                            55.00
Boat:                          196.00
Monthly Balance:     1184.80

March:  Roatan, Honduras
Check In/Out:
Food:                          612.75
Misc:                           567.00. (Rent while boat is being worked on)
Fuel:                              25.00
Boat:                              13.50
Monthly Balance:       1218.25

April:  Roatan, Honduras
Check In/Out:
Food:                            815.55
Misc:                             501.00. (Rent)
Fuel:                                26.00
Boat:                                99.00
Monthly Balance:        1,441.55

May:  Roatan, Honduras
Check In/Out:                200.00 renew Roatan
Food:                             971.00
Misc:                              250.00
Fuel:                               110.00
Boat:                             4393.00 (recore deck)
Monthly Balance:        5,924.00

June: Roatan, Honduras
Check In/Out:
Food:                               891.76
Misc:                               2,158.16 (plane tickets and stuff to bring back from states)
Fuel:                                   32.50
Boat: (back up parts)        195.34
Monthly Balance:            3,225.45

July:  Guanaja, Honduras/Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Check In/Out:                173.00
Food:                              402.40
Misc:                              97.85
Fuel:                               35.00
Boat:                                 6.50
Monthly Balance:          714.75

August:  Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Check In/Out:                     ------
Food:                             639.89
Misc:  (New phone)        522.61
Fuel:                                   ----
Boat:  (Bottom job)        2,627.54
Monthly Balance:           3,790.04

September  TEXAS Vacation
Check In/Out:                   --------
Food:                                333.37
Misc:                               1,913.58
Fuel:                                  -------
Boat:                                 227.76
Monthly Balance:           2,474.71

October: Rio Dulce/Roatan, Honduras
Forgot to have US immigration stamp passports so had to pay more for check into Roatan
Check In/Out:   480.00
Food:                815.88
Misc:                129.15
Fuel:                 87.22
Boat:                117.00
Monthly Balance:  1,628.25

November: Roatan, Honduras
Check In/Out:    75.00 (Cayos Cochinos)
Food:                806.03        
Misc:                 442.33 (annual insurance)
Fuel:                 125.00
Boat:                ---------
Monthly Balance:  1,448.36

December: Roatan, Honduras
Check In/Out:     ------
Food:                 808.87
Misc:                  786.90 (christmas and more insurance)
Fuel:                     51.50
Boat:                 -----------
Monthly Balance: 1,647.27

2015 Yearly spending

Check In/Out:      1,220.50
Food:                   8,663.04
Misc:                    7,649.08
Fuel:                       729.22
Boat:                    7,926.50
2015 balance:    26,188.48

1 comment:

  1. 11.25 to eat each/ day
    660/month boat repair, if you had a car to care for pay for
    Misc 637.43/month rent, bills
    Fuel 60.77/ month. A car would be much more
    In/out- 101.71/ month vacation cost.