Saturday, January 9, 2016

Back in Guanaja to wait for a weather window

Well we are back in Guanaja. Another one of our favorite spots in the Bay Islands. 

We will wait for a four or five day weather window to head southeast to Providencia Colombia. So everything will be all new again for us. There is much comfort that comes from familar places. 

For now we will enjoy Guanaja and visiting with our local friends. 

We will enjoy Guanaja's simple ways, green hills and beautiful beaches. 

Schooner is loving her daily visits to the beach 

We will be back because Guanaja is one of our favorite places. 

Someone needs to make an updated cruising guide of Honduras' Bay Islands. 

Im working on a blog post on our galley. If anyone has any questions or ideas of what I should make sure to include please contact me. I need your help. 

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