Saturday, May 16, 2015

Moved back

Well the work is all done and ahead of schedule. YEAH! Luvan and his crew did an excellent job. He quoted us $4,200 to pull up the whole deck and cabin top and recore, fiberglass and paint her. He estimated 7 weeks. We moved out, Steve pulled all the hardware off the deck and cabin top. That took a week. Luven' guys went to work and despite the Easter Holiday and lots of rain he finished his work in approximately 5 weeks.

We were so blessed. We were welcomed in a local' home and were treated like family. We cant expressed how thankful we are to the Bodden Family. 
Andrea Bodden will forever be my adopted mother. 

THEN our other adopted parents came. We met Michael and Gretchen in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. This is their second time cruising. We automatically clicked. They came and Micheal helped Steve put back some major hardware which cut the time in half. Gretchen and I got some much needed mother daughter time. 

What a sight for sore eyes! 

Before hardware

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  1. Looks great, ,how long are y'all going to be there?