Saturday, April 18, 2015

Life continues here in Roatan

Work continues and we spend our time waiting. We try to entertain ourselves while we wait. This week we spent time at the Reef House, which if you love diving I suggest you check out their packages. 

Here I am torturing a local kittie

On Thursday I joined our house hosts to a Christian Concert. The exciting thing is Audrey and Trevor helped open for the headliner Christafari. 

They are pretty special. 

Today, Steve and I are on a little adventure. We have taken the city bus to see where we end up. Its called a Tiki bus. It is a toyota van basically that they pack as many people as possible and head towards Coxen Hole. We got off for some commercial food that we havent had in awhile. 

Here are some recent pics of the boat work. It looks like it wont be long but Steve says its more detail work now so probably a month left. Im praying for less 

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  1. Hello Tracie, we were thinking of coming to Roatan late May. What can you tell us about area. We have very much enjoyed y'all post. Tassie