Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chilling still in Roatan

This week has gone by pretty quickly. We are taking full advantage of the island' Tica bus. We love taking the long tours to Eldon'. Another reason I feel this week has flown by is because they said our boat may be done next week. Yeah! This means I can start preparing to move back in to my dearly missed. 

Here are some pics of the boat. They are wet sanding it 

Right now the fishing season is off so all the fishing boats are in the crap and lobster trapa are off for boat maintenance.  

This fence post are cool. They continue to grow. When fully grown they make a lovely shadded road. 

Random pics of Steve on the porch of where we are staying 


Oh cant forget to share the Zeta Propane truck that goes around the neighborhood filling propane bottle. They play a catchy jingle we get into our heads for the day

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  1. The boat is looking good!!! And I love all your looks so beautiful there!!! Glad you're having a good time!!! :)