Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reveal the spending

This is a snapshot of our spending. We are keeping a hand written journal of our spending on every item. We started the day we left, which was October 1st. We are dividing up between the three months we will be here our check in fees and the few days we stayed at the marina while checking in. We have it under Misc. 

Im planning on posting it once a month. Hopefully it will help us spend less 😊. I know Im going to hear from our very frugal fellow cruisers. We love hearing any suggestions. We know we eat out way too much but it is easy to do here. So many places plus it gets us off the boat. Please send us your wisdom. 

Oh keep in mind this is all we are spending. We have no bills back in the states except for yearly boat registration, yearly taxes, and yearly life insurance. That all, so it all on food and boat up keep. 

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