Monday, October 13, 2014

Passage to Isla Mujeres

Ok, even though my mind is still a bit crazy I'll tell you a bit of what happen during our crossing. 

Basically, the first five days were like riding on a roller-coaster the whole time. The Gulf is much like a front loading washing machine. You experience lots of different currents at the same time. We got a bit naseua the first few days but luckily nothing came up. 

The fifth day was the worse. Choppy conditions then 35kn winds and rain. We we reefed and the wind was on our nose. The only thing bad that happened was a JIB sheet (rope) was washed overboard and got caught in the prop when we started the engine to motor sail. This meant we had to only sail. It wasnt terrible but with the wind on our nose it made our progress very slow. 

The following day brought clean skies and calm seas. Oh and no wind. This allowed Steve the chance to dive down and cut loose the line. He was our hero. Exhausted and a few barnicle cuts but the engine was available again. 

The rest of the trip was pleasant just slow. The wind stayed on our nose so we motored sailed off and on. Making sure to reserve fuel for when we arrived in port. 

We really didnt see much out there. A few birds and a butterfly. Heard voices and music off and on but Im sure it was all in out heads, or mermaids. Haha

Fairlane did great. She had a little problem peeing while underway. We put her potty pad in the cockpit. She finally figured out to get into her stance in the corner. After she would use it we would throw it overboard to rinse it off. Steve tied a rope to it which made it easy to do that. 

I had medicine for her in case she got sick while underway but she seemed to be fine. Looks she even seems to be smiling 

We understand that the AIS' websit wasnt working. Sorry about that. We really did not buy it as a tracker anyways. We wanted it to allow other boats to be able to see us and notify what type of vessel we were. It seemed to work well. Several boats contacted for different reasons. One even gave us the warning on a front on its way. We really appreciated that. 

Im sorry that we made some worry. We really were fine. I hope that my kids have found they over reacted by calling the Coast Guard it wont happen again as we contnue our travels. The AIS seemed to work when we got into the Cancun area because the Mexican Navy saw us and contacted over the radio then board us to get visible proof that we and our boat was fine. I wish they would of let me take pictures. It was priceless. Thanks Samantha

It was a very long passage and I am still moving when Im on land, even Fairlane seems to be having issues. 

We are staying El Milagro Marina and Hotel for a few days to get our land legs and check in. We are using an agent. Seems to be an easy process and worth the extra $50. 

Here are a few pics from the trip. I am also trying to upload some pretty boring videos on our youtube link. Check them out. Feel free to ask questions


  1. Great post, sounds exciting!! Can't wait until we go on our trip....though, maybe we'll skip the long passages & just island hop. ;) ��⛵️⚓️��

  2. Good to hear you made it through the rough stuff! We recently made the trip from Tampa to Isla Mujeres by way of the Keys, across to Cuba and through the Yucatan Channel. We definitely experienced a different weather window going across those two streams.

    You'll enjoy it even more now that you're here after a journey like that!