Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Food I prepared for the passage

Food I served durning the crossing 

I pressure cooked a roast before we left. It made several meals, like, roast, mashed potatoes and broccoli on the first night. Roast beef sandwiches and tacos

I bought a cooked ham. I made omelets, ham and cabbage with garlic cheese polenta, ham macaroni salad. I cooked bacon before going as well. We ate it with egg in a hole as well as in other things and just straight out of the bag. 

We snacked on nuts, oranges, fruit chews, string cheese, salami and granola bars

I froze bottles of water and gatoraid each day so we would have cold drinks. I also had via coffee packets but we found we enjoyed our regular coffee. I also made a pot of it and fixed it to our liking in a pitcher and then poured it into small empty gatoraid bottles and froze them to have cold coffee when we like. I have tried a cold press coffee way which we enjoy the trouble with it is we also put cream and sugar in our coffee. It is difficult to dissolve the sugar and cream. I think the other way is a better method for us under way. 

I found that putting a large bowl in one of my sinks to hold the dishes Im constantly using, such as; plastic bowls and silverware, very helpful. I can quickly wash them up and leave them without worrying they will go flying or get salt water splashed on them from the open seacock.  

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  1. Very good plans! Like the idea of the roast beef...many meals from that. I made a breakfast casserole with hash browns, eggs, bacon, onions and cheese all baked at 350 degrees for about 35-40 minutes. Really good heated up with coffee in the a.m. We also had it for dinner. Yummy stuff!