Saturday, June 21, 2014

What' New?

Not very much. This waiting game is really getting to me. We are waiting for the new dinghy to arrive as well as the Honda generator. We have made all of the big purchases that were on the list. Now we sit back and wait. Wait for hurricane season to end and to save as much money as possible. Those are difficult things to do together. I tend to spend money when I am bored and anxious and I am bored and very anxious. 

My little part time job with UTMB has kicked in so that gives me something to do. I have been training once a week for a few hours. They are preparing me for the exam. I have to know what to say and most of what Not to say. They dont want me helping the student out any. Next month is the exam. I will go in twice a week for half days. I believe I will have six to eight students a day. Dress rehersal is next week, nervous. 

The dinghy should be in next week. Steve will be busy rebuilding the boom gallo with my son. That will be a nice treat for me. I will get to see my son in action. He is back to welding now that he is out of the military. I will enjoy seeing him being a man. I know most men dont realize that their mothers go through an adjustment time in their lives when they go from a teenager to a man, but we do. Well I am. I think it is taking me longer because I havent gotten to watch it on a daily basis so it puts me into a some what shock everytime I see him. Things just stand out to me, like the size and shape of his hands. Amazing! He use to be inside me! 

Any ways, I am guessing these next three months will be boring. I will have to keep myself from taking trips and spending money as much as I can. So if anyone wants to entertain me feel free. Just remember I said entertain not annoy. :-)

The only pics I have to share are of me annoying Fairlane at the pet store. I tried to talk her into getting a pair of shoes and a hat but she didnt go for it. 

 Smooches for now 

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