Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend full of projects

So after the great weekend at Offatts, Steve quickly started right in on his todo list. He ordered the new dinghy during the week. He pulled the exhaust hoses up and discovered the new muffler has a crack in it which was causing noise, water and a terrible smell. He replaced the alternator belt. Then he pulled the port hand rail up and rebedded it to fix a leak we found with this weeks rains. 

Next, he will remove the boom gallos and move them back to give room for our new Portland Pudgy, Putz-Sea to sit ontop of the butterfly hatch. This will be interesting. Steve will be doing what he seems to love, reconfiguring the boat. He will take down the Bimini and have a new one made, which is necessary for this Boat Diva and her princess, Fairlane. 

Im really not surprised that Steve has found a new project to have completed in the next four months. He really was running out of projects, even if he doesnt admit to it. 

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of him working this weekend. Fairlane and I have been stuck outside while our headliner has been out and tools and tool bags were everywhere. Ill try to remember next time. 

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