Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Its Official

I got a call from Sonnie and his wife, Sharee, saying they got confirmation today that she is about five weeks pregnant. The baby is due late Oct. Steve and I will be leaving for Central America in the beginning of Oct so we will have to get the news when we hit land. 

Everyone is asking how I feel about the news. Im excited for them and I know they both understand what this means for them. I am also looking forward to being the crazy grandparent. Im going to get them a globe and put a pin on it with our faces and they can move it as we move. I am also looking forward to having someone to buy crazy things for and Im sure the child will love it because we all know how raising kids go. They always think their grandparents are better then their parents. Also, if it drives Sonnie crazy its even better. Hahah. Mother' Revenge! 

Just wanted to share the news. Not sure what we will be called, Steve Boyd says he will be Mr. Boyd. Lol. Maybe Ill be the gypsy diva or the Boat Diva. Lol

Monday, February 24, 2014

Back from our roadtrip

We made it back from our trip. It is so nice to sleep in our own bed. The relief feeling I had to be back worried me a little. I wondered for a moment if cruising would be too much for us but then I remembered that our home will be with us. It will be nice to travel with all our items and our bed. 

So, our trip was great. The kids seemed to have fun and we all survived being shoved into my small civic, beautiful Key West made up for everything. 

I cant recall too many stories because we played the typical tourists. I dont enjoy that type of traveling but for the keys Ill do anything. 

Our hotel was far from all the action, this made us walk the first night way too far. I was under the impression everything was within walking distance, NOT. Im always up for walking but three miles is way to far. The next day we drove and paid $30 in parking. That was between two places., not cool Key West. 

We shoved all the popular sights into one day which made us all tired and exhausted. We are glad we did it but I doubt Steve and I will return.  The kids mght try to go camping sometime. 

Roadtrip pics 

Got to have dinner with an old friend in Floriday. 

Finally on the keys
Unknown Pub

Had to walk six miles the first night in Key West so I needed this. Lol 
Its funny how cool things look after having a couple drinks and you so tired from walking. This tree looked awesome on the way back 
Now for the fun tourist day. We rented bikes and went our seperate ways. We met back at 5pm to return the bikes and enjoy the evening together 

Had a great time and most of our enjoyed spending quality time with the kids before we leave. Never know what might happen in life so I wanted to make sure we shared some life time moments with eachother. Love you both, my baby boy and my DIL