Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Its Official

I got a call from Sonnie and his wife, Sharee, saying they got confirmation today that she is about five weeks pregnant. The baby is due late Oct. Steve and I will be leaving for Central America in the beginning of Oct so we will have to get the news when we hit land. 

Everyone is asking how I feel about the news. Im excited for them and I know they both understand what this means for them. I am also looking forward to being the crazy grandparent. Im going to get them a globe and put a pin on it with our faces and they can move it as we move. I am also looking forward to having someone to buy crazy things for and Im sure the child will love it because we all know how raising kids go. They always think their grandparents are better then their parents. Also, if it drives Sonnie crazy its even better. Hahah. Mother' Revenge! 

Just wanted to share the news. Not sure what we will be called, Steve Boyd says he will be Mr. Boyd. Lol. Maybe Ill be the gypsy diva or the Boat Diva. Lol

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