Thursday, April 19, 2018

Slow trip back to Mexico

Not even sure where I should begin for this post. I suppose I should tell you where we are, Isla Mujeres Mexico. We arrived Tuesday, April 3rd.  

Our trip here started off a bit rough, which made me ill. I have a tendency of getting sick on passages, especially if they are rough ones. I have tried all kinds of remedies. Some work better than others but there are times nothing works. I bare it because I love to travel and this is the transportation we have since Steve is the sailor.

I do love living aboard our home at anchor.  We only move her a few times a year so to me it is worth taking the risk I will be sick.  But this last trip got to Steve. He does not like seeing me so ill and he doesn't enjoy solo handling the boat at night. So from now on we will extend the passages and stop for nights if possible.  

We love Mexico, especially Isla Mujeres.  Steve has come to the point where he just wants to stay here full time. Not sure that will happen right now but it may in the future. For this year we will stick to the plan of returning to Guatemala for Hurricane season. We have summer travel plans to Europe. After that who knows what we will do. Life requires flexibility.

We love that we have so many friends that travel as we do. Once again we met up with old friends here in Isla. One of the couples are who Steve delivered the catamaran with a few years ago now. We have plans of visiting them in Ireland this summer.

Things are getting busier for me with my freelance work. I truly enjoy helping others and traveling while doing it has been the huge cherry on top.  Sitting in coffee shops has always delighted me and now I have an excuse to go more often.

My daughter, Samantha, is visiting us soon for 10 days. So this should be fun. She will get to meet our cruising friends and see how we really live now.  She has stayed with us on the boat in the states at a marina but this is not the same. She may never come again, haha.

So our plans are to stay here until end of May then sail up to the Honduras Bay Islands for a month or so and return to the Rio in July.  If anyone would like to join is know you're always welcomed. We enjoy sharing this experience with others. Even if you have never sailed but would like to try it; we don't mind teaching. You will just need a flexible schedule.Weather rules ou travel plans.  

Well that is all for now, be good to one another..

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