Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Going Home

Well we did it!  Tomorrow morning we will head HOME!  I almost can't believe it is here, finally.  

We have enjoyed saying goodbye to family and friends. We saw the kids and the GMan.  We couldn't have asked for more.  

Traveling with Schooner

So traveling with Schooner is not the easiest but we are willing to do what is required.  Flying is much more work than sailing with her into port.  

There are many site that will help you through the process and you can even pay a service to do it for you.  Here is a site I have read through during my research  Pet Travel

I usually go directly to the country’s website.  In our case this time we are flying from Texas to Guatemala so I used Guatemala’s and the USDA site.  USDAGuatemala

This is our second time flying Schooner there which makes us familiar with this process. We are repeating what we did the first time because it went very smoothly. Here is my list

  • Vet apt more than 30 days before flying with a vet that is certified to fill out necessary forms.  This apt is for vaccinations needed.
  • Vet apt 10 days before flight to have the form filled out. $100
  • Overnight form to USDA in Austin Texas with a prepaid overnight envelope for them to return it. $50 + $38
  • Once form is approved and received take it to the Guatemala Consulate for their stamp. $10

That is it! The costs vary from area of course.  We paid around $200 this time.  This does not include the airline costs which vary also.  Now this price does not include the vaccine costs because she would receive those regardless.  

Well that is all for now... until next time my friends be good to yourself and Others

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  1. Siri tells me it’s 68 degrees in Guatemala right now. You’re missing out on our 42 degree rainy day today. So sad for yall😋. Looking forward to your first post once you’re settled in!