Sunday, October 29, 2017

Miami Time

I thought I would take a little time to let you all know what has been going on lately.  October has flown by and we cant be happier about it...

We have been extremely busy this month.  We had a small family gathering for my family that is currently here in Texas.  We all met in New Braunfel, TX  for some river time.  We had great weather, great food and good company.

Ive been steadily completely my TEFL certification (Teach English as a Foreign Language).  I'm at the very end of it the 150 hour program.  When we get back from Miami this next weekend I should be able to complete the final and be done. Yeah!  Then I will need to find a company to work for... help is always appreciated.. hint hint 😊

Currently, as in right this moment, we are lying in an Air B&B room in Miami, Florida.  We drove down yesterday with all the boxes we are putting on a cargo ship for Guatemala.  It is a huge to do item on our list and it feels great to give it a big check mark for completed.  Tomorrow, we are hoping it will be easy breezy then we can head to the beach for some down time.

After it is all completed we plan to hunt down a few other cruisers not far from here in Indiantown Marina.  We hope that goes as we plan..

Well I suppose that is all for now.. hope you enjoy all the pics..

Until next time my friends... be good to yourselves and OTHERS

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