Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Just a check in

Just checking in with you all..  we have been doing normal society things.. like work socials.. where you go do something with your coworkers for relationship building. A night of bowling and dinner.. and I  learned I still suck at bowling.  

Im still hanging out with the neighborhood animals.. 

Im also dog/house sitting for a new friend I met at the dog park. We are fellow hookers (meaning we crochet or knit) 😜

As you can see her and her husband have a lovely home.. Steve and I are enjoying it greatly these two weeks.  

We love how it isnt huge yet it is comfy and efficient 

Doesnt it look like we are suffering

Yeah we really hate it here 😂

And I don't think their dogs like us much either 

Aww pics are out of order. This is Janie Mother Boyd's kitty

And here are some of my veggies Im growing

Yep just hell for me 😜😎

Oh and Schooner hates it as well 

Well thats all that is going on here in our world. 

Until next time my friends.. be good to yourself and Others