Monday, April 10, 2017

Counting the Days

We are still here in Texas counting the days until we can get back to our home, Saga Sea.. trying to stay focused on the goal..

We have been dog sitting for friends and judging BBQ for a local VFW.. spending time with family and friends.

Here are some pictures from the last time I shared

We had a friend over for Schooner for a few weeks. We decided we really like only having 1 dog at a time..hahah

Family .. i bet you can tell which family hahah not the Boyds. Hahah

Awww the little guy came for a visit

Aren't they adorable 

Dog sitting.. 2 sets of labs.. im becoming the lab whisper

Schooner finding her place during dog sitting

Steve enjoying other people's home and TV. Haha

Aww Judging BBQ Cookout. 

Steve jugded Bloody Marys and Chicken and I judged Ribs. Not a bad gig

Had a lovely Birthday with family and friends. Hello 46

More Baby Warren Pics. He will be a fine pirate with his Ginger

 Saga Sea waiting for us.. friends checking on her for us

Until next time my friends

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  1. You must be so excited to get back to Saga Sea, but I can imagine how hard it will be to leave the family behind, especially the grandbaby.