Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Still in Texas

Well we are still working on filling up the cruising account... well mostly Steve..he is steadily scolding me on spending his earnings. Lol. What can I say... I am what I am... hehehe He tells me January is the stop spending date..

Steve has been able to work from his mom's but that all ends in January also.. he will have to go into the office.. so he will be suffering and that means I better be good..

Christmas is in a few days.. our plans are to spend it with my family.. I have one brother and SIL living up by my daughter in the Denton area and another brother in Kentucky.. he is flies to meet us... first time we have been in the same room since our mother passed away..  we also plan on stopping off at my cousin's on our way back...this means Schooner will get to see her birth mother...

So that is about it... ill share with you the pics Ive been taking of our time here on land...

Dog Park and visiting friends.. oh and a visit with my oldest brother and daughter

We hope you all have a great holiday