Friday, May 6, 2016

And then there was one

Well we had a good week before Steve left for his adventure of assisting to deliver a boat from the Western side of Panama to Tahiti.   It was hard not to have a good week. We have the boat at a gorgeous Hotel Marina Resort that has lovely beaches and grass areas. Lots of interesting animals roam this little Island resort. 

Schooner has loved all the physical activities. Balls and Frisbees to run for everywhere. 

Gorgeous blue and teal water

We really cant complain

In the lobby of the resort we have all the wifi we need. Oh and monkey visitors

Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys 

Oh and my plants love the weather

So Steve left on Tuesday for Shelter Bay Panama. He had a 20 hour flight which consist of 2 very long layovers, tis why the 20 hours. Then he took a bus and a few taxis. He arrived right on time. Met the boat just as it was coming into the marina. 

So this is the boat he will be crewing on to Tahiti. There are two others that are in the small fleet going over. He is one of three on this particular boat. Im not sure how many are on the other two boats. I have heard one of the boats has a couple from Kemah Tx as well who have mutual friends. Always cool to see how small the world really is 

While Steve is gone Im supervising a remold job of our sea birth. It will become a couch without loosing all that great storage. Hope to have pictures for you soon

Other than that this is what I will be doing

Oh and this. Lol

Until Next Time

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the remodel once it's complete. Loving the monkeys :-)