Saturday, April 9, 2016

San Andrès to Guanaja

Well I believe we are becoming locals here in the Bay Islands. We are back in Guanaja. We caught a weather window perfectly. We sailed nonstop from San Andres to Guanaja in four days comfortably, which I greatly appreciate.

Besides the sandflies, Guanaja is one of our top favorite places. We love the people and the very laid back island life.  We also appreciate the ease of checking in and out here. Its a great transition place for the Western Caribbean. You have an easy check in and out process with no hassle and you have a relaxing anchorage to unwind after a passage.

We will hang for a week or so and visit with our local friends. Then head for Roatan.

Oh our passage was so smooth. I have a few pictures of a bird stopped for a rest.

I also had a lovely birthday...the big 45. Im enjoying my new phone and megaphone. People better keep their clothes on if they are going to park close to us hahah.

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  1. Looks heavenly!! You look so calm! I can hardly wait! This being the countdown I’m nervous and losing my mind!