Thursday, February 4, 2016

Island Life

Life is good here in Providencia, Colombia. We joined a few other cruisers on the beach last week for a traditional island meal, rundown. We have had something very similar in Guanaja and I believe it is an island dish that has many names depending on which island you are on in the Caribbean. 

Another fun part of that day was taking a launch to the far south tip of the island. We tour the island by land but this time it was by sea. Providencia has some gorgeous waters. 

So the rundown dish consists of all kinds of seafooded and starch and root veggies cooked in fresh coconut milk. 

A local family prepared the dish at the beach on an open fire for us 

The whole family and friends participated. We had a great time and we thank all that made it possible  

This is Isla, she is a stray pup that hangs out at the dock and greets everyone. Because she has this skin condition the locals have shunned her and attempt to keep her away because they are afraid to catch it themselves. 

I believe it is mange  so I have started feeding her daily, trying to give her a high protein diet to help her regain her strength to fight the parisite.  I am also working with the island vet in getting her cured so she can be fixed and find someone to care for her when I leave in a few months. 

I wash and feed her at the docks where the local can see me tend to her. I was laughed at when I had to cary her to get bathed. The next day I met the vet at the docks and several members of the community came out to speak to the vet about their concerns for her. I was please to see that there are a few people that do care about her they just needed a ressurance that they efforts were not wasted.  

The vet was pleased to hear I was sticking around for a few months. He feels we can help her and find her a place in this community 

So here is to island life and their herbs. Even comes in energy drinks which gave me a headache and tasted like redbull

Until next time my friends. Love the ones your with and yourself 

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