Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Cruiser's Life in Roatan

Well as you can see by Schooner sleeping in the position she has settled right in with us and the cruising life. She is enjoying our routine of doing little except for short little errands on shore and daily trips for her to play on the beach. 

She doesnt seem to mind the weekly city Tica bus to the bank and Eldons grocery store

Ive been planting a few plants inside the boat from clippings I have gotten in my travels. 

Im planning on trying some herbs seeds in two litter bottles like the picture below. Hang them under our solar panels for a little protection. Ill keep you updated on my progress. 

Errands like picking up our laundry has turned into beach time as well. We love the littlw laundry place we found to wash and fold for a little less than a dollar a pound. Unfortunately they wont wash and dry her but we have found a faucet around the corner we can rinse her off with before we head back to the boat. 

Today we met up with a couple that we met in the Rio Dulce. They have been cruising for a little over 5 years. Luc and Aline on Oceana 1 from Canada 

We showed them West Bay beach 

Here is Schooner with a yellow submarine in the background. Well something that looks like a submarine 

I think she liked the looks of the beach

I had to hold the monkey. Maybe one day  I can trade Steve in for a monkey. Haha

Well that is all for today. A friend is flying in from Texas on Saturday. Things will get a bit more exciting soon. 

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