Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Flying back to Guatemala

Had some great last days. We had family time and park time. Schooner even met a five time Olympian at the park. She must attract greatness. Hahah. Here are a few more pics of our time here in Texas 

Next time you hear from us we will be back in our home on the Rio Dulce River im Guatemala. Smooches

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Visit the agility course

I just wanted to share Schooner's first time at an agility course. 

Her and I went through the course twice. She did well just a bit overwhelmed with the new environment. 

She even tried out the pond. She was a little upset when she realized the floor wasnt like her baby pool. 

She is enjoying the family property 

Ive been teaching her to sit, lay down and what cowgirls do hehehe 

We sure love her. She is amazing

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Still in Texas

Wow we have been extremely busy. We have been busy visiting friends and family, finding all the items on our list of things to bring back and getting all of Schooner's paperwork completed so we can take her back to Guatemala with us. 

We have stayed mostly at Mother Boyd's home in Cypress but we have worked hard to visit friends in all areas of Houston. 

Schooner had to visit the vet to get her international health certificate 

Having dinner with friends at TBone Toms in Kemah, TX

Samantha, my daughter, and I getting some quality time together

Of course that means coffee and shopping oh and some mojitos 

We enjoyed the party at Waterford Marina in Kemah. It was great seeing old neighbors and our friends Michael and Joyce who left for the Eastern Caribbean around the same time we left for the Western Caribbean. Steve enjoying a cigar 

Quality time between father and daughter

Guatemala paperwork approval, YEAH!

Schooner is so tired she is willing to sit in the bushes 

Before we took off I decided to work at Starbucks because I spent so much time there. My drug choice is coffee, so instead of giving them all my mad $ I decided to let them pay me to talk and harasses customers. I stopped to see old coworkers  

Had to introduce Schooner to long time friends 

Everyone adores her and cant believe how small she is, She weighed 5lbs the day we took her to the vet. She is like a little ragdoll. We absolutely adore her. We can't wait to get her home and see how she likes the dinghy. 

Until next time my friends, stay classy

Monday, September 14, 2015

Schooner's first sail

Things are going well while land bound visiting loved ones. Schooner is having a ton of firsts. She seems to be fitting right into our lives

Schooner first Starbucks trip

First trip to the pet store 

Visiting friends 

First Church service

First sail

Steve seems to be relaxing hahah

We are enjoying our time with friends and family, but missing our home, Saga Sea. Trying to just relax and enjoy the moments 

Until next time my friends

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Baby Schooner

Our hearts are over filled with love. We cant ask for more right now. 

We have our baby girl and spent a great weekend with my family. I cant thank my cousin enough. 

My cousin has a farm near Fort Worth. She is now breeding this awesome Teacup Aussie Dogs. Schooner is her first female. Her parents are both under ten pounds and amazingly agile. She is perfect for us as a sailing dog. 

It was a great weekend with family, food and lots of laughs. 

First weekend has been great. This will be an awesome month 

Until next time my friends, stay classy