Friday, July 3, 2015

No Flushing

So this post is on a sensitive subject, toilet paper, to flush or not?  If you have traveled outside the US you may have experienced seeing a sign in a public restroom asking you to not flush the used paper. I was told and have read that the pumbing is just to fragile to risk bogging it down. This wasnt too unfimilar, I have lived in rural areas with septic systems with a father that was old school. Plus I live on a boat, no flushing there. 

One day we met a nice couple that brought the subject up when discussing culture differences. I ciuld understand how most Americans are not use to this custom, not all have experienced my father ir lived on a boat with my husband. But then I noticed this label on a package of Scott brand toilet paper sold here in Roatan. 

Now Im interested in why they really dont flush. So Ive been asking around, asking home owners with newly built homes, owners of older homes, locals and expats. I have read about septic systems, googled why people dont flush, and why is that label advertising it is made exsulivley for Honduras?  

What I have found is this, plumbing is old and fragile in many places, some toilet paper is NOT  good for septic systems, many of the plumbing here is gravity fed, and toilet paper is expensive. The last reason is what I found is the reason for the label. Toliet paer is expensive and many cant afford it so the longer it last the better. 

I found this great article about living in Honduras.

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