Thursday, June 4, 2015

Water catcher, coffee maker and expert nacho chef

Not a lot of excitment lately. We have had some rain. Luckily it has been rain with little to no wind so Steve was able to catch some water for our water tanks. He was happy that all his sewing paid off. 

Im down about the loss of my iphone. It has been a gem for many years but all it took was my morning glass of water. To think of what my phone and I have been through. Steve took a picture of what I do now without it. 

Lol it terrible I know. Im a phone addict and without it I go MORE mental. I really do need a service dog and prozac. Hehehe

We have been mostly just hanging out with this rain. Today is a dry day so we will go for a walk and meet neighbors for dinner. Oh forgot to mention what Steve has become a pro at, besides working on the boat that is. He is an excellent coffee maker, and nacho maker. Yep, he has a strange technique but I cant complain they are pretty good. 

Other news in our life. Samantha adopted a ginger kitty. She named him Thomas O'Mally.  I cant wait to meet him

Sonnie is growing a beard. Lol and it has a lot of red in it. Lol. Hahaha. Love it. Not the beard so much but the ginger coming out in him. 

Well thats about it for now. I did reformat our expense page so hopefully it will easier to update and read. Steve did point out a typo on it I need to fix but whats new. 

Smooches for now
Southern Gypsy 

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