Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Up and coming sailing Aussies

I know I have shared pictures of our new baby we will soon pick up, well in September. But I just have to share more. I am smitten with her. 

I cant wait to meet her as well as smoother her with kisses. 

My cousin found this breed, tea cup Aussie. She has a small farm in Texas, so she loved its ability to work like the full size Aussies but it was small enough to go anywhere with her as her companion. Her and I are empty nesters so having a companion with her helps fill that spot. 

Anyways, she loved the breed so much she decided to breed. When our baby Fairlane was sick and dying, I was on the phone with her because she is so knowledgible. Most people done know that Fairlane came from my mother, she was not only special because of her own abilities but she was what I had left from my mother who passed away a year or so after she gave Fairlane to us, well my daughter. My cousin was very close to my mother. She was another daughter to her. So us loosing Fairlane not only hurt us but her as well. It broke her heart and she was moved to give us something that was precious to her. Her first female!  What a gift!

So I have been in love with Schooner the day we heard she was born. I have immersed myself in facebook pages of nothing but aussies. I thought Schooner was the cutest of them all. But then she sent me pictures of her brother.  OMG!!!!  

Who couldnt love that face. He will be around 10lbs like his parents. A pefect crusing dog if anyone is interrested. You can look up her facebook page Double M Tea Cup Aussies. He is available!  

I hope another cruiser gets him because I would love to see him out here again. To know both of them are cruising dogs is just awesome to me. Lol. I know im a nut. 

Anywho just thought I would share him with the world. And Schooner as well. Lol 

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