Friday, June 12, 2015

Traveling Blues

Oh what to tell you today. Well I started reading a fellow nomad blogger One of her new posts is about the not so fun things about the nomad life. The funny thing is I have been thinking about that same subject for awhile now. Her life is a bit different than mine so I can only tell you about my own experiences. I do believe that life is never perfect in that romanic way we love to dream about. What is paradise for some can me hell for others. I also think humans love to complain. 

My complaints this week is with banks and phones. First of all our bank put a block on our ATM card. We like to deal with cash to lessen the chances of card fraud. Yet with a block card this means NO cash. So you would think no big deal, right?  Just call the number on the back of the card. Well here in Honduras it seems impossible to dial 1800#s, not sure why but it is. So I had to find a minute dealer to purchase minutes for the phone and go back to the boat where my direct numbers are. 

Simple?  Well not when I cant read the instructions of how to add the minutes to the phone card. Then once I did, I have no idea if it worked because its all in spanish and the recording speaks to fast for me to understand. But I was successful and able to call my contact at our old branch. She said there was a block and asked if I told them I was traveling, who is them?  I said, well i told your branch that we were leaving to cruise the Caribbean when we open this account. I guess that wasnt enough. Still not sure if I need to call her when we change locations. Is she putting notes into the system to let the other million employees know?   

Steve is staying busy with normal maintenance. He is cleaning the teak, greasing things, polishing stainless and brass, touching up varnish inside and dailing cleaning of the sides and bottom of the boat. He had two huge visitors yesterday, barracudas. He said they were as big as him. They concerned him because they seem to be following him. He decided to stop for the day. Hahah. I looked it up and they are pretty much harmless but attacks have been recorded but they think it was from poor visibility or because the person was spear fishing. He returned today and he just reported he only had one visitor today.  Now for his beer. Lol

So bank and phone issues seem to be resolved. Now i need to find something else to complain about or just dream about our new baby Schooner. We got word she opened her eyes. It looks like she will have at least one blue eye. I think maybe both will be blue.  I cant wait to kiss her all over. 

We are still working on the details of our trip to The Rio in Guatemala.  We need to be checked out of Honduras by the first week in August. We dont want to push things because traveling is ruled by the weather. We believe we have reservations at a marina in the Rio. We are building a list of things to do to prepare the boat to be left for a month or so. We are looking at forms of transportation and places to stay in Guatemala City where we will leave from formthe States.  We think we might like to get to GC a few days prior to check out the sights. 

Oh here is one more thing to complain about, For those of us who use a smartphone for everything. My iphone recently died for good. These past few days I have discovered I had everything in there including our information on the flight tickets for the states. So now I am trying to retreive EVERYTHING I can remember that I kept on it and handwrite it all down on Paper in multiple places. Back up back up!!!!

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  1. Great call, enjoyed the blog, and the one you shared. I even posted her a comment!

    We are able to inform our bank through our internet banking site of which countries we'll be in, in advance. That's really helpful but didn't protect us from having to cancel our card ourselves since it was used fraudulently. Next time, we'll have more as back up.

    Stay positive beautiful x