Saturday, April 11, 2015

Work is progressing in Roatan

Well things seem to be moving right along. Our days consist of morning coffee then head out in the dinghy to check on the boat. We then go over to a little shack where we have been eating twice a day. We call it Dingo' but that isnt the correct name. Here is a little Diva we visited with while eating our morning meal. 

After our morning meal we return tothe boat with a lipton ice tea for Kenny, who is doing a great job extremly quickly. 
I bring a lipton tea because the caps have an on going game and Im trying to win a scooter. I told Kenny I would give it to him when we leave. Hahah. Here is the progress on the boat

To keep from smothering Kenny while he works we try to find something toentertain  ourselves. This week I asked if I could board a big fuel ship that is docked for repairs. I was granted permission but warned to not get injured. That was a task since the ramp to board was a bit questionable

On board, a gentleman named Bumpy showed us around. He is the watchman for the ship. 

Now I want to board a big commercial fishing boat. 

We usually end up at some bar and grill just hanging out. We roam from BJ', Reef House, Jonesville Point, Hole in the Wall   

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