Tuesday, January 20, 2015

San Pedro, Belize

Now that things have settled down some I can tell you about our trip down here. It was very mellow. Little to no wind was predicted and that is what we got. We motored sailed the whole way. 

We went out about thirty miles out and came down with a friend' waypoints. The enterance to San Pedro is a little difficult. Belize is full of reefs, which is great for diving but can be nerve racking for sailors.

Right before pulling anchor we met a guy that had just come from here. He had a story of loosing their engine as they were entering the San Pedro pass. They had to quickly lift sails and sail out before hitting a reef. Well a few miles from the pass our engine cuts out. Uggg right

Steve figured it was the racore fuel filter. He quickly changed it out. She started right up. Yeah!  Well about twenty minutes later she died again. UGGG. Maybe air?  Yes has to be air because he changed the filter. He reprimea it and ahe starts back up. This time we wait a while. Sure enough about an hour later she dies again. Uggggg!  Poor Steve he was a wreck. So close to the pass and we can't trust the engine. We keep getting right at the entrance and she dies so we sail away. He finally notices a hose clamp missing from the return line. He replaces ot and we let her run a long time and the go for it. We make it in with success but that was because it was a calm day and perfect lighting. Those reefs are nothing to mess with. 

Steve really doesn't know what the issue was but he replaced the hose from the filter to the pump, replaced and tighten hose clamps. She seems to be running alright now. We will of course run her some more before we go to Cay Caulker. Haven't decided when we will do that yet. 

So that was our excitement for the trip. We didn't see much except for a visiting bird that needed a nap oh and a bathroom break on Steve. Hahah. We also had a pod of dolphins join us for a few hours. I believe Fairlane even saw them. I think we had close to 15-20. They were small, not sure why. 

Check in was very easy once we found the Immigration office. We followed a friends advice and we "sailed" right through. No boat inspection was done. Nice!  

With the help of some locals we have found all necessary supplies, meat market, bakery, produce market, laundry services, Postoffice, fuel dock and water. We have also located all wifi hotspots. 

This small town is a very interesting area. It is a tourist town so most residents here work in the industry or are retired expats from somewhere. It is a big fishing and diving location.  All nationalities and languages are here. English is the first language and Spanish is the second but then there is a creole mixed into it all. 

The town has three parallel  roads that were named front, middle and back. They have been renamed but I think I like the original names. The street are some what paved, those three but the connecting ones are dirt. The roads are narrow and get congested when people start moving around. Not too many cars but lots of golf carts which complicated everything. 

We are looking forward to getting to know this town more. Who knows how long we will stay. Living on a boat isn't like living on land. Everything takes longer to do. We hand wash dished, floors are swept and wiped down, showers are taken with a handwand, toilet is hand pumped and we take our Putz-Sea (dinghy) to shore and back. Being anchored out is way different then being tied to a dock. We can't just go run an errand whenever we wait we have to plan our trips to shore. Not complaining but explaing our life style here in Paradise. This life style isn't for everyone. Thank goodness. 

Well until next time

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