Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rude people everywhere. UGGG

I thought I would quickly share what I posted on Facebook. 

It was a crazy night. We have been anchored here in Isla Mujeres a little over a month now. 
In preparation of the expected front we set out a second anchor. Our Rocna 55 being our main and a danforth as our second. Several boats have come in because of the expected front. Most of them dragged and all but one went back to the Lagoon. One catamaran managed to wedge himself between us and another boat. Right across our second anchor line. We manage to get the guy on the radio and he was sure he wouldn't be a problem. He dragged soon after telling me that. If course in the middle of the night our friends anchor ended up dragging on top of them. Maybe that will teach him not to anchor right on top of people. Ridiculous! 

Today we will have to retrieve our second anchor from across the channel. All part of the experience of living on the hook. Uggg

We all had a sleepless night. Even Fairlane is exhausted 

On a good note. Here are a few shots of the seawall that we walk to go downtown. We went a few days ago to prepare for staying aboard for a couple of days. High winds make for a unwanted wet dinghy ride to shore. 

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